Visual Identity

From reluctance to be visible to full bloom business expression.

First, I allow you to release all thoughts about branding and what that is or should be. Instead, I want you to think about how you want to feel when you interact and communicate. And how you want others to experience your vision and mission.

The foundations of your visual identity and expression are you, your ideas and your values. By being yourself, you already have a unique perspective, personality and presence.

When establishing your business visual expression, we create from the inside out. All the elements, your colour palette and the fonts you use, the images you choose and your logotype are all parts that can, and should, feel like an extension of you.

Your visual identity is your expression when you can’t show up in person.

Visual Identity used consistently

The basic elements of a visual identity

  • Logotype

  • Typography

  • Colours

  • Imagery style

  • Composition style

Your business visual expression

Cohesive & consistent.

Through your marketing, website, social media and information materials, print and digital, you have an opportunity to tell your story and connect to your people. With a visual identity, you express your vision and values cohesive and consistent.

A visual identity does little on its own – it needs to be applied and used consistently everywhere you show up. For example, on your stationery, newsletter, folders, flyers, icons, signs, business cards, products, packaging, company clothes and on social media platforms.

Trying to make you or me fit into a pre-packaged box is never a good starting point. On an explorative call I listen, discern and guide you on a path forward and we can begin your visual identity journey with your specific needs in focus.

Your vision + Your values + Your visuals = Connection

Visual Identity Journeys

Full bloom visual identity

A complete design journey, starting with getting clear on your values and vision and what experience you like to create for yourself and your kindreds.

With a strong foundation in place, I create a bespoke visual identity where every part is soulfully crafted for you.

This can include:

  • Logo Design
  • Colour Palette
  • Typography Set
  • Patterns
  • Visual Identity Guidelines
  • Web Design
  • Collaterals
  • Social Media Kit
Investment start at 25.000 SEK
≈ $2.900 / €2.500

It’s free!

Design Intensives

We start our businesses, we grow and expand, both as human and businesswomen. We cycle through different versions of being in business and we find ourselves having outgrown how we express ourselves visually.

I offer one on one sessions with a deeper dive to clarify what to focus on, the direction to aim for or where some love and attention is needed.

We can explore:

  • Why and how to focus your efforts in specific areas to enhance the feel and cohesiveness of your visual expression.
  • Where a bit of love and attention is needed to keep your expression aligned with your message.
  • The steps you need to take to refine your visual communication.
Investment starts at 4.500 SEK
≈ $400 / €450
Full bloom visual identuty

My aim is to provide you with the essential elements and fundamental tools you need to establish and generate energy and flow when promoting yourself and your business. I advise and guide you so that you can implement and evolve continuously. And I will be there to support you along the way.

“When I first saw what Anna created for me, I felt a rush of wind as though I was standing atop a grand Mountain – My view of myself and my work had become so clear, I realised how far I have actually come. The impressions I have heard back from others already are: ‘This is so you!’ – What a perfect statement to hear!”

Lysa Black

A visual identity journey is ideal when:

  • you want to gain clarity on your vision and mission and long to communicate clearly and easily.
  • you struggled with creating a consistent and cohesive expression in marketing, website, flyers and e-course.
  • you need the visual elements to express yourself and your business soulful, cohesive and beautiful.
  • you have outgrown your colour palette and wish for an update to better mirror your intention with being in business.
  • you want to remove the hurdle of inconsistency in your visual expression on social media.
  • you can’t get a grip on typography (fonts, spacing, readability) and how to use it to make your expressions flow.
Colours & patterns | Visual Identity

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