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Södra Kedum Korsmaden 19, 534 94 Vara, Sweden

You do not need to know what to ask for, what the right solution is or how to reach it when you come to me. I am here to guide, advise and create from my expertise together with yours.

Contact me through the form below, book an Explorative call or send me a mail at hello@annalinder.com

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Let us connect about visual expressions for your business, books and editorials.

A Design journey

The beginning

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You pick the date and time that suits you for an explorative call (yes it’s free) & fill out the form.

Explorative call

On the day of the call, we start to explore where you feel stuck or what drains you of energy and what you would love to see happen and when. You can ask me any and all questions you have and you will get an overview of how the work flows.


We take a breath after our call to decide if we’re right for each other ♥. If so, we move on to book and schedule your design journey.


Once we’ve agreed to work together, the dates and details are finalised. You will receive a price proposal and contract with all details. You sign and pay the deposit and our creative journey can begin.


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I will absolutely not narrow it down to fit in a single niche and it will be with my thoughts and voice.

It might be about community, nature, typography, cyclic living, conversation starters, visual poetry and a sprinkle of magic.

You are in!