Book Beauty

Creative direction to ready to publish design.

The sole purpose of writing a book is to share your idea or story with the world.
The sole purpose of a book designer is to transform your idea and story into a reading experience from cover to cover.

My work as a book designer is to create a clear and strong voice between you as the author and the reader – from the cover to every single page. With the nuances of typography & the subtly of composition, I create book design that enhances your story.

And, you do not need to google to know what to ask for. You will get guidance, knowledge and creations based on your project and needs.

Love your readers – create a reading experience.

Book Design | Workbook

The basic elements of of book design

  • Page and text hierarchy

  • Typography

  • Imagery

  • Book cover design, front, back and spine

  • Book interior design

Book Design

From idea and manuscript to ready to publish design.

Trust me on one thing, I know how significant your manuscript is to you. All the time spent on research, writing, re-writing and editing to get your story perfectly aligned with your vision is now over, and the next step – to transform it into a book ready to reach readers is about to take place.

You want your manuscript to become book pages with readability and legibility in focus. You need book covers that carry the mood you want to bring to life and communicate.

It doesn’t matter if you need the full-service bespoke book design journey or you need parts of it to come alive – I thoughtfully craft book designs that match your needs.

The work of writers is a modern-day treasure.

Book Design Journeys

Your bespoke book journey

I honour the sanctity of my client’s manuscripts; I believe the work of writers is a modern-day treasure. You can choose a full-service book journey or parts of it. I will create and support you through the complete design process, from idea and manuscript to ready to publish files.

Book cover design, front, back and spine

The saying is true – we do judge a book by its cover. Choosing the right images, typography and colours to align with the genre are key to make your audience curious and eager to read.

Book interior design and page hierarchy

Each page and every chapter needs tender love and care to ensure it’s easy to read. Continuity, in page and text hierarchy, typography and layout, are the silent language that creates a reading experience.

Bespoke templates for Indesign

Templates are a way to get my knowledge of book design delivered to you and are a great alternative when you want to self publish and work with the production of a book on your own. You will get a bespoke style guide, with careful attention to the layout of page spreads, structured typesetting, paragraph styles and overall design.

Investment based on project scope
Starts at 4.000 sek  ≈ $466 / €400

Expert Calls

As an author, you might feel that your knowledge of book design is limited – that’s when a mentoring session can be helpful. I am here to guide you on the subjects of typography, cover design, interiors and legibility.

Manuscript advice for authors

A beautiful reading experience needs a structured foundation. And a manuscript needs good structure and formatting to meet those needs. On an expert call, you can get clarity on how.

Knowledge in book design

If you are starting off as a book designer or are curious and want to learn more – book an expert call. You can ask me all and every question on typography, book structure and text hierarchy.

Investment 1.000 sek
≈ $175 / €100
Book Design Services

Explore book journeys

A Book Design Journey

The beginning

Explorative Call

Advice & guidance

A beautiful way to begin your book journey, if you never worked with a book designer before, is to start with an explorative call.

I will give advice and answer your questions on the book design process and what you need to know to go from manuscript to published book.

We can talk about:

  • What is a book designer and, what do we do?
  • What is the difference between a book designer a publisher?
  • What does a designer need to create a book cover design?
  • Is your manuscript ready for formatting and design?
Book your call

You pick the date and time that suits you for an explorative call (yes it’s free) & fill out the questionnaire. And the first step on a design journey is done.


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