I know, sometimes we just want to escape into the forest and forget everything that has to do with being visible and getting our message out.

I am here to dive deep into your world of expertise and wrap your idea, story and vision in soulful, structured and beautiful design.

You will get visual expressions that makes you at ease with communicating genuinely and generously.

And you will connect with the people who long to hear your message.

Sometimes we just want to escape

Simply put,

I create logotypes, books and brochures.

On a deeper level,

I breathe life into your vision, story and ideas.

Work with me

From idea and manuscript to ready to publish design.

From reluctance to be visible to full bloom business expression.

From scribbles and notes to harmonious reading experiences.

Liberate your to-do list and get things done for you.

“Any time I find medicine that’s helpful, I share it with everyone I know.”

― Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run With the Wolves
Bespoke & Personal

Bespoke & personal

Book an explorative call.

Our needs and problems are individual and personal. You will get guidance, knowledge and creations based on the situation or project you have. And you do not need figure out what solution to ask for.

A design journey begins with an explorative call where we check in on where you feel stuck or what drains you of energy and what you would love to see happen. You can ask me any and all questions you have and you will get insight on the work process.


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My newsletter allows me to talk to people who want to listen.

I will absolutely not narrow it down to fit in a single niche and it will be with my thoughts and voice.

It might be about community, nature, typography, cyclic living, conversation starters, visual poetry and a sprinkle of magic.

You are in!