Editorial & Graphic Design

From scribbles and notes to engaging reading experiences.

Being in business today is about being able to communicate our ideas and visions. We need to tell our story to connect with people. We have to let people know what we do and why we do it. And how they can connect with us.

When you and I work together, my focus is on creating solutions that make you feel at ease with being visible. And making your message treasured and sensed with your dream clients.

And don’t fret about not knowing where to start or what to ask for – I will listen, discern and guide you on a path forward with your specific needs in focus.

Simply put, I transform words and images into a story with depth and consistency.

Editorial Design | Magazine

Workbooks, magazines & folders

You wish to communicate your wisdom and knowledge but find it hard to make it come alive.

It can be:

Look books
Tarot & Oracle cards
Client magazines
Planner & journal design
Information & marketing materials
Posters & Flyers & Brochures
Pdf design

Or everything social
  • Social media style guides
  • Social media campaigns
  • Facebook cover designs
  • Youtube cover designs
  • LinkedIn profile designs
  • Instagram tile layouts
  • Instagram highlight covers
  • Canva templates

Readability + Structure + Beauty = A reading experience

Editorial & Graphic Design Journeys

Design advice & engaging reading experiences.

I long to wrap your ideas and stories in soulful, structured beauty so you generously can share them with the people who long to hear them.

Our needs and problems are individual and personal. And so are the solutions for graphic and editorial design.

A design journey with me begins with an explorative call where we check in on where you feel stuck or what drains you of energy, and what you would love to happen. You can ask me any questions you have, and I will give you insight into the work process.

Price by request

Design Intensive

I offer one on one sessions with a deeper dive to clarify what to focus on, the direction to aim for or where some love and attention is needed.

We can explore:

  • Why and how to focus your efforts in specific areas to enhance your communication.
  • What tools you can use and need to learn to create cohesive visual communication.
  • The steps you need to take to refine your visual communication.
I long to wrap your ideas and stories in soulful, structured beauty

Editorial & graphic design is excellent when:

  • you need solutions that make you visible and your message heard – consistently.
  • you have an idea for a journal or a planner.
  • you release information at regular intervals and need them to be cohesive.
  • you have a visual identity or brand guide but find it hard to apply it to marketing or information material.
  • you have high-density written content that you wish had more harmony, structure and reader appeal.
  • you don’t have a visual strategy when you share your content with readers.
  • you are creating monthly or seasonal information and want a structured and beautiful template to work with on your own or with your graphic designer.
Colours & patterns | Visual Identity

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“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”

— Leonardo da Vinci

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