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The SHEro Archetype Oracle Deck

Rebecca Anuwen

The SHEro Archetype Oracle Deck

Sometimes dreams become reality. And that is what happened when Rebecca Anuwen responded to my dream of developing an oracle deck.

Rebecca’s extensive knowledge, along with giving me intuitive and creative freedom, allowed for each card’s emergence. A true labour of love and co-creation.

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Le Dragon de l’Ouest  | Book Cover

The depths and layers of Mouna Bouslouk’s writing made an unforgettable story appear. The shifts from present time to the 1900s and the interweaving of the characters life create a captivating story.

And I was invited to create the book cover. And it emerged from the emotions I experienced when reading.

Editorial Design

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Illustrations | Anna Eriksson-Skarin

Anna Eriksson Skarin
Illustrations & web design

From the explorative chat to the deep dive workbook, it was clear that a visual expression was needed that nudge both the brain and the heart. With a bit of crazy.

Anna is a courageous client who is open to the unexpected, and she was set on making the visuals a focal part of her website. With that in mind, we decided that collage illustrations with her as the main character and conductor was the way to go.

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