Client Design Journeys

Visual Identity

Lysa Black | Visual Identity

Lysa and I have a personal relationship so when I was asked to create her visual identity I had to shift from my view of her and instead tune into the full perspective. Open communication and diving deep to establish her core elements made it possible to create a solid foundation to visualise her mission and vision.

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Textile Network | Editorial design

Mutual honouring of expertise and creative freedom is always a dream when working with a client. The journey with the organisation Nordic Textile Art offered both. The mission was to make their work and what they do known and to create a report where images and text made an interesting reading experience.

Editorial Design

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Visual Identity

Heartfelt Change | Visual Identity

Nicole Fowler-Bullock contacted me wanting her company Heartfelt Change to get a visual expression that matched her vision and mission.

An artful logotype paired with strong, clean typography and a in-depth guideline Heartfelt Change can develop a visual identity step by step.

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