From embers to a radiant glow

So, you know how we love to procrastinate and keep tweaking things endlessly? It seems like there are specific areas of our day-to-day doings that we’re always fine-tuning. We tell ourselves that we refine things, and things forever float from one to do list to the next.

For me, it’s writing copy like this one. I’ve pondered, modified, and rewrote for way too long, afraid to commit. Is this right? Is this my voice? Is it clear? Is it good? Well, you get the picture.

To be perfectly honest, when I feel limited in my ability to express myself, I feel like I dim my light.

So an eternity later, I’m releasing a new way to serve you;  Glow Up Design Immersive. 

I am here to blow your flickering lights into a radiant glow by clearing your to do list of every graphic design thing and task that has been looping on your to-do list. And make your expertise, products and expression feel bright, light and refreshed.

If you instantly know this is for you – hit the button to book your Glow up call.

If you want to know the investment right away – click here to scroll past all the text (which I struggled for a long time to put together).

Glow Up Design Immersive

Liberate your to do list

Simply put; get a grip of all design things that keep floating from one to do list to the other.

On a deeper level; allow yourself a sense of clarity and accomplishment.

Why would you get a glow up?

Well, you’re perfectly fine the way you are, but some days feel a bit messy. We are all over everything and nothing – at the same time.

We are doing our best to get things done but some of them seem to forever float from one to do list to the other.

If any of these things are slightly leaning towards “design things” for you, a glow up design day may be the answer.

So, liberate your to-do list and get things done for you.

Take a breath, make things happen.

On a Glow Up Design Immersive all focus is on what you need and want. Or maybe what you don’t know?

We combine our expertise; you bring what you feel needs attention in your world, and I bring my designer approach and skills, and we make things happen and get done.

The day is fully tailored for your needs on refreshing, refining, and realigning the design side of things.

Don’t fret and no worries.

Before your Design Immersive we’ll meet for an initial chat to go over your to-do list or design things. We decide what to focus on and what your day’s main priority will be.

Don’t fret about not knowing where to start or exactly what to ask for – I will listen, discern and guide you on a path forward so your needs are at the center.

You and I will probably both need to do some homework or preparations so we can make the most of our time. And no worries, I will notify you of what you need to do.

So, who is it for?

A Glow Up Design Immersive is created to gently make space to vocalise your thoughts, take a deep breath, and add some harmony and beauty to both your inner world and your visual expressions.

My best guess is that you are an author, maker, educator, creatrix, and or multipassionate.

You are based in purpose more than profit and centre on empowering instead of restraining – when it comes to yourself and others.

Sounds like you?

Glow Up Design Immersive

Options & investments

Glow, be bright and sparkle

When it comes to the design things, you know what turns into hurdles in your day to day work.

We can be very practical and create a wish list of all the design things that needs to get done. Or we can dive into your visual expression and see what dims your light and is in need of a refresh.

Radiating glow

A long wish list or a deeper new glow.

Two days of dedicated design with a pre-immersive work session and after care.

Price: 13.500 SEK + VAT

Beam of light

Focused wishes or light refresh.

A day of focused design, a pre-immersive work session and hand-over & delivery.

Price: 7.500 SEK + VAT

A sparkle

A fresh perspective. A sounding board. Or an expert eye.

A 90 minute session can move you from no shine to a sparkle.

Price: 3.500 SEK + VAT

When you are indecisive


Not sure where to start or what to choose? That’s perfectly normal.

We will untangle and illuminate what is going on in your world during our initial call. We identify the focus and priorities. And make it fit your budget.

You’re an educator or a maker

You're an author and...

  • you started on a book cover but sense that something is missing
  • the pages of the book interior just doesn’t flow but you don’t now why
  • all the specifics of cover templates gives you a headache
  • you do not want to google one more thing that has to do with layouts and book typography and long for the answers.

We can also go deeper

A beautiful reading experience needs a structured foundation. And a manuscript needs good structure and formatting to meet those needs.

With a Glow Up Design Immersive you can get clarity on how.

You’re an educator or a maker

You're an educator or a maker and...

  • Your workshop and course hand-outs falls flat (and that’s not who you are at all), and you wish it had some harmony, structure and the same fire as your classes.
  • Packaging and sending off your beautiful products lack that extra flare, but you never get around to creating the stickers, hang tags, or boxes that would make them shine.
  • Even though you have a visual identity or brand guide, it feels nearly impossible to use it in your social media posts, marketing or informational materials.
  • You do not want to google one more thing that has to do with social media, fonts, colour palettes, photo sourcing, or anything design-related. You just long for answers.

We can also go deeper

You feel that your business’ visual expression is out of date and don’t enjoy using it any more.

During a Design Immersive we find a way to make a refresh and bring back the sparkle.

You're a creatix or a multipassionate and..

  • You have an incredible list of ideas but can’t seem to get moving with any of them.
  • The weekly, monthly or seasonal information you create swallow days and figure out one more template is still on your punch list.
  • You keep getting stuck on providing your clients with clear and concise information on your service, process, and pricing.
  • Falling down another rabbit hole of best practises, social media carousels, and typography beauty is not on your wish list; answers are.

We can also go deeper

You feel that you only show parts of yourself, and your graphic profile is not making you justice.

On a  Design Immersive we light up the dark to find what needs to glow. And create it.

The process

Or how to glow up

Glow up call

We meet for a chat to run through your to-do list or design things.
I promise, there will be ample time to talk things through. There is no need to for you to worry about creating the ultimate list, have sorted out your thoughts or show up “in control” at the call.

Wish list creation

We decide what to focus on and what our main priority for the day will be.
And no – the wish list doesn’t need to be things to tick off. It can be help for a direction, a detangling of thoughts or a lesson in typography.

Book your day & pay

After our call you will be sent a link to book your Glow up design day and pay your deposit to secure your time.


After booking, you’ll receive a guide covering what you’ll need to do, as well as any additional information needed to get your wishlist done and dusted.


It’s time to get things done! No Glow up immersive looks the same but there will be check in times or chat times depending on your wishlist. Create space in your calender to make sure that you are available for check-ins and feedback.

Handover & delivery

If deliverables is on your wishlist, it will arrive at the decided time. Review, tweak or approve. And we are done. Glow up sprinkles all over.


I don’t use a magic cloak and disappear, so if you feel lost or unsure I will be here.

Don’t dim your light

When we feel limited in our ability to express ourselves and struggle to get the outside to match the inside – it can feel like we have to settle for not fully expressing ourselves. When this happens to our professional selves, it can put limits on the ways we feel we can evolve and expand.

Being in business has enough “rules” to make us hesitant to fully tell the world around us who we are and what we do. Figuring everything out on our own can extinguish all our light.

As an independent author, educator, maker, or creatrix, you might also have noticed that you all of a sudden need to put on a lot more hats than you initially thought or ever wished for. As if shining in your expertise wasn’t work enough, you now find yourself venturing into less illumined areas of being in business.

A Glow Up Design immersive begins with a call where we check in on where you feel stuck, what dims your light, and what you would love to see glow. You can ask me any and all questions, and we will decide on a way forward. No matter if it’s small or big, complex or simple.

Many of the beautiful flowers on the page are by Evie Shaffer at Unsplash.
I was captivated by the strength and fragility of her images and the unique way of portraing flowers.


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