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A common theme for the women I journeyed with is that they want to express and interact genuinely and generously.

And equally common is to constantly be doubtful, stuck in over-thinking or spending time figuring out design tools but never succeeding to communicate much at all.

Design is not a mystery and I aim to make it understandable and easy for you to use. Instead of trying to make you or me fit into a pre-packaged box, I listen, discern and guide you on a path forward with your specific needs in focus.

I use my expertise to support yours and I intuitively align your idea, story, values and vision to colours, images, typography and layout so it captures and enhances your message harmoniously.

Work with me

I create bespoke visual solutions for your ideas and messages, your business identity and your book manuscript.

Design Journeys

Covers, interiors & templates.

You have an idea or a manuscript for a book and need guidance or design to make it available for the world to read.

Your business visual expression.

You need the visual elements to express yourself and your business soulful, cohesive and beautiful.

Workbooks, magazines & brochures.

You wish to communicate your wisdom and knowledge but find it hard to make it come alive.


Direction, guidance, knowledge.

Direction, guidance, knowledge

When you feel overwhelmed in the worlds of logotypes, branding, social media and being in business.

Clarity + Personality + Visibility = Connection

Work with me

Creating together

What hidden gems do you have that you would love to bring into the world?

There is a special kind of magic in creating together and I thrive when making your ideas come alive.

All design journeys start with a wish to convey wisdom and expertise. But most of all it’s a need, or a dream, to be able to connect and cultivate engagement with our kindreds.

I’ve worked with women who wanted: