What if I don’t want to prune my business

May 8, 2021 | Being in Business, Feminine Economy, from Instagram

Push. Effort. Outcome. Focus. Competition. Niche. Target.

As I re-connect with my business, more precisely how I want to be in business, I keep falling into the traps I want to avoid.

Influence. Six-figure. Impact. More focus. More pushing.

I’ve been trained to, consciously or unconsciously, believe that I need to adapt to a specific way of doing business. That I need to learn the “only way” to become a success, change my mindset to “massive growth” and get my hands on the blueprint for businesses.

Within that message is another one – self-doubt.
If I don’t learn – I will fail.
If I don’t adapt – I will fail.
And I know this isn’t true – but I still keep falling back into trusting the truth from “someone else” more than I trust myself.
And it is leading me straight back to the limiting beliefs that made me question and want to explore my own way of being in business.

What if I don’t want to prune my business, and myself, into a Stepford Village looking garden with neat and tidy flowerbeds and golf green like lawns.
What if I want an untamed one where the weeds go into bloom, the grass sways in the wind and wildlife is welcome among the hammocks?

Well, I have to unlearn, undo and untame myself over and over again until I feel that I have arrived at something that, not only relies on my skills, but also nourish me in a sustainable and long-term way. Open for business but far from the culture of busyness.

Along on the ride are a stack of books (of course – how could I not!) that helps me back to my way of wanting to be in business.

The Books:

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth

The Creative Doer by Anna Lovind

Heart Medicine | The 13 Principles of Feminine Business by Lysa Black

Company of One by Paul Jarvis