Fern unfurling

Unfurl – purpose, dreams and visions

May 4, 2021 | Feminine Economy, from Instagram, Inspired by Nature

For most of my adult life, I had a hard time getting through this time of year. Spring and early summer “should” be filled with joy, energy and lots of desire to do everything and anything. But no, I was in constant overwhelm and I moved between anxiety and depression.

And it’s hard when you feel completely out of sync; with how “everyone else” seems to feel, the season itself and what is going on inside yourself.

So – when I was creating the latest seasonal guide and “Pleasure” came up as the theme, I hesitated – extremely.

I don’t want a single person to feel that lust, life and pleasure are the only things allowed to feel. And I’m very aware of how it feels to completely lack longings and desires. What I would like to say is that there is room for all feelings and experiences. And maybe this is a time of year when you can allow yourself to do that – fully – even if it is hard or painful feelings that arise.

I still need to create balance this time of the year. I need to declutter my brain more often, find my footing and solid ground frequently (figuratively and literally) and I’m still more of a stormy water than a flowing stream inside.

What do you need most of all right now?