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No need to turn yourself into a brand

Apr 20, 2021 | Being in Business, from Instagram

”Find your authentic brand voice”.
Oh no ~ just don’t!

I am re-energising my business and have spent some time observing what the peers in my kind of business say, and the ongoing theme are all the different ways you should work on/in/at your brand.

And I say no.

If you have uncovered a gem inside of you and want to tell the world about it – you do not need to turn yourself into a brand.

You probably need to work in/on/at your business. And what you want to tell the world and who you love to talk to and how you are going to do that.

But please ~ do not get lost in how to brand yourself.

From my point of view branding is needed when giving an inanimate object/product or a corporation a personality.

You already have a personality, yours uniquely – use that as the foundation when you present your gift and idea to the world.

No need to cultivate a brand.

Promise ~ I will expand on this later.

And I know, as a graphic designer & art director I should probably say the opposite – hustle and sell, sell and hustle… but we have to do business in a way that makes sense to ourselves, not from a framework someone else created.