Visual Identity


Pandora Hultqvist

Pandora Hultqvist is an experienced psychotherapist, who started to work under her own name and she wanted a visual identity and web design.


CLIENT Pandora Hultqvist


The Journey

We started off by mapping out Pandoras uniqueness using my visual identity workbook. Pandora did a thorough work and was clear on her what’s, why’s, how’s and who she wanted to serve so it was easy for me to narrow down her key values and transform them into a brand.

For the logotype I was drawn to geometry and circles to show that interactions can be both easy and complicated. To add to the duality I chose to make illustrations that mirror each other.

We launched Pandora’s visual identity and website in mid October 2016.



Web design


Geometry and clean typography to reflect both the complexity and clarity within therapy.


In therapy we learn to reflect both ourselves and each other. The mirrored images symbolises that interaction.

Web design

Crisp, clean and clear – the minimalistic web style focus on the information.

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