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Lysa Black Heart Magic

Lysa Black is a mentor, healer and intuitive empath serving her clients to deepening into truth and rise on purpose. Lysa approached me to create a visual expression that aligned with the healer and mentor she had become and reflected her presence as true as when meeting her live.


CLIENT Lysa Black, Heart Magic

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The Journey

The challenge for me when working with Lysa was to shift from my personal view of her as her client, and tune in to the full perspective. Open communication and diving deep to establish her core elements made it possible to created a solid foundation to visualise her mission and vision.

With an active community on social media it was crucial to create a visual identity that would work seamlessly for both on and offline presence.


Typography & Color Palette

Web Style Guide

Social Media Style guide


I worked with shapes that express both clarity and playfulness for the logotype and a combination of elements that work together as well as separate.

Colors & Typography

Bronze came through strongly for Lysa and I opted to work with a complimentary color scheme that could be added in a subtle way.

Three foundational typefaces to get the message through consistently and interestingly.

Web Style Guide

I created a web style with rhythm – repeating fonts, colors and shapes to create a foundational structure that makes the visitor feel at ease.

Social Media Style Guide

Using the color palette, the imagery and the typography as layers adds depth to the message and presence on social media.

“When I first saw what Anna created for me, I felt a rush of wind as though I was standing atop a grand Mountain – My view of myself and my work had become so clear, I realised how far I have actually come. The impressions I have heard back from others already are: ‘This is so you!’ – What a perfect statement to hear!”

Lysa Black

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