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Heartfelt Change

Nicole Fowler-Bullock is a Transference Healing Practitioner, teacher, kinesiologist and workshop facilitator and she reached out to me wanting her company Heartfelt Change to have visual expression that matched her vision and mission.


CLIENT Nicole Fowler-Bullock | Heartfelt Change


The Journey

Nicole wanted a visual identity for Heartfelt Change that expressed her passion, expertise and way of working. All my client journeys start with homework – in this case The essence of you workbook.

We got clear on the core elements for Heartfelt Change and decided to create a visual identity with a logotype and the foundational elements for both print and digital expressions and room for future growth.


Custom artwork



Intuitively I sensed that a non-traditional and unconventional expression was right for Nicole. I created an artful background with strong clean typography for the logotype.

Custom artwork

Patterns and textures are useful elements in a visual identity. The colourful custom artwork could be used on its own or as a backdrop for social media post and printed material.


To give Nicole the possibility to build the visual identity step by step in her own pace, I created a visual identity guideline on how to use the logotype in print and social media. Typography, color palette, a web style and ideas for stationary was also included.

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