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In celebration of 150 years in Sweden the Red Cross wanted to release a new edition of the book that led to the founding of the Red Cross – Henry Durant ‘s A Memory of Solferino. My mission was to create the new cover.


CLIENT The Swedish Red Cross

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The Journey

The Red Cross in Sweden released a new edition of the book “Memory of Solferino” 2015, which describes Henry Dunant’s experiences that led to the founding of the Red Cross. The book release was a part of the celebration of the Red Cross 150 years of humanitarian work.

Mr Dunant was a bit of a rebel of his time and his work has made its mark in history and that is what I wanted to bring forward with this cover. At the same time I wanted to connect to other marketing activities, Henry’s head was seen on various materials during the campaign and was the obvious choice to work with for the book.

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