Red roses | Set of 3

45 kr

Size 148 x 210 cm, A5

The beauty of roses from a kaleidoscopes perspective.

This is a set of three digital downloadable cards, ready to print in the maximum size of 148 x 210 cm, A5.

These card are also available as single cards.

Note from the creator

Red roses have a timeless allure that enchants people from all walks of life. Their enticing appearance not only signals passion, love and romance but also serves as a symbol of courage, reminding us to embrace bravery and tenacity.


A 5, 148×210 mm

PDF includes:
Four page full colour variations of the card
PDF without cropmarks.


Please note that the colour may vary from the file based on the printer, ink, and paper used. Print at home or in a print shop.

Download. Print. Cut to size.

Once you have downloaded the file for the printable card, it is ready to print. Any printer paper will work; use card stock for optimal results.

Delivery & returns

No physical item will be shipped as this is a digital download for printable cards.

Downloads are limited to three to prevent sharing or unauthorised copies of my work. This limit makes sure that my work remains protected and is only accessible to the people who have bought it. Thanks for understanding..

Sorry – no refunds on digital downloads.