The blues | Forget-me-not | Single Card

20 kr

Size 148 x 210 cm, A5

The charm of forget-me-not from a kaleidoscope perspective.

It’s a single digital downloadable card, ready to print in the maximum size of 148 x 210 cm, A5.

The card is also available as a part of a three card collection.

Note from the creator

The delicate petals of forget-me-not form a mesmerizing tapestry of vibrant blues. Each tiny flower seems to hold a secret, inviting us to get lost in their intricate beauty.

In the language of flowers, forget-me-not says: true love, devotion and respect.

148 x 210 mm, A5, once printed and cut to size.

PDF includes:
One card.
A pdf without crop marks.

Please note that the colour may vary from the file based on the printer, ink, and paper used. Print at home or in a print shop.

Download. Print. Cut to size.

Once you have downloaded the file for the printable card, it is ready to print. Any printer paper will work; use card stock for the best results.

Delivery & returns
No physical item will be shipped as this is a digital download for a printable card.

Sorry – no refunds on digital downloads.