Direction, guidance, knowledge

It can feel confusing, or frustrating to navigate the hows and whats of communicating in our business. If that is the case I offer one on one sessions with a deeper dive to find out what needs love and attention.

We take an honest look at where and when you become doubtful, stuck in over-thinking or spend too much time figuring out design, but never truly feel successful with the result.

The goal is to make you feel at ease and inspired, and to get the knowledge you need to become visible, connect and share your wisdom. And – have a concrete plan to work on.

Searching for direction


Work With Me

Confident and enthusiastic

Mentoring session

In a mentoring session, we can focus on practical things and tools or, maybe more important, we can focus on how you can get the energy and courage to show up consistently with your business.

To give you an idea, we can;

  • Map out what areas that drain your energy and what needs to shift.
  • Explore what would make you feel confident and enthusiastic about being visible in your marketing.
  • Map out where you are today with your visual expression; website, social media feeds and marketing.
  • The steps you need to take to refine your visual communication.
  • What tools you can use and need to create a unified visual communication.

We will explore the ideas and directions that are most important to you. I will help you create a concrete plan to move you towards feeling confident and enthusiastic both in business and in life.

90 minute session
Investment 2.000 SEK
≈ $230 / €200
Follow up sessions: 1.000 sek
≈ $100 / €100

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