Visual Expression Review

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I’m looking forward to dive deep to see where love and attention is needed to create flow and energy.


Before we start, both you and I need to do some homework.

Download your workbook and begin to connect with your vision and passion. Book a meeting with yourself, print the workbook, head to your favourite coffee shop, turn off your phone and get clear on your what, why, how, who and values.

Return the workbook to me at the latest 7 days before your scheduled Visual Expression Review – I too need time to do my homework.

You can scan, take photos or write your answers in a word document – it doesn’t need to look beautiful or be edited or organised – just readable.


You will receive an invoice to your registered email shortly. Please pay for your booking as soon as possible.

Instalments are available:

  • 50% to be paid at the latest 7 days before the scheduled session
  • 50% to be paid at the latest the day before the session.
  • No shows will be charged 100%

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Your visual identity is your expression when you can’t show up in person.


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