Client journeys

Lysa Black | Visual Identity

The challenge for me when working with Lysa Black was to shift from my personal view of her and tune in to the full perspective. Open communication and diving deep to establish her core elements made it possible to created a solid foundation to visualise her mission and vision.

Textile Network | Editorial design

Mutual honoring of expertise and creative freedom is always a dream when working with a client. The journey with the organisation Nordic Textile Art offered both. Getting to know the work they do and creating a report and catalogue focused on balancing images and text to make an interesting read was the mission.

Heartfelt Change | Visual Identity

Nicole Fowler-Bullock contacted me wanting her company Heartfelt Change to get a visual expression that matched her vision and mission.

With an artful logotype with strong clean typography and a guideline Heartfelt Change can develop a visual identity step by step.

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