Book design and typography workshop

Authors, writers and storytellers

Typography for authors, writers and storytellers

How would you like a workshop where your questions questions on book design and typography are in focus? The problems you bump into get guidance. And you can freely ask questions on typography and book design.

A workshop where you get advice on the specific book project you are working on.

I would love to be of service in a way that helps authors, writers and storytellers that want their books to be a reading experience.

The silent language of typography can be hard to grasp, but we can often sense when something isn’t working. It mostly comes down to some small but important tweaks to the design and typography that can take the reading experience from rough to running fluently and freely.

Does this make you curious?

  • I would love to run monthly intimate workshops.
  • I’m thinking 90 minutes.
  • Answering the book design problems you have at the moment (or have been pondering on for the longest).
  • Maximum of four people (allows time to give and get deep and clear knowledge).
  • Submit your project as a pdf (scan, take photos) with your book project and get guidance.

Thoughts? Questions? Email me at

The details


21th of February
CET 16.00 | GMT 15.00 | CST 9AM | AEDT 2AM


SEK800 per person, appr. €73, $75, £64.


Before we start, both you and I need to do some homework.

The workshop is an actual workshop. We will talk about and get your questions on everything book design and typography answered.

When you reserve your spot on the booking page I’m asking you some question. If you want to dive into them in advance – here they are:

  • What book design question(s) or problem do you have at the moment (or have been pondering on for the longest)? I fully understand if you find it hard to articulate what you want or need. If so – focus on how you feel stuck or what drains you of energy.
  • I would love to get to know you a bit before the workshop.
  • Tell me about yourself and your writing. For example: What do you love about writing? For who do you write? What genre would you put yourself in? Fiction, fact, biography, poetry.
  • You can send me a pdf, scan, take photos of your pages or cover or provide other examples of your questions – it doesn’t need to look beautiful or be edited or organised – just readable.


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