ServicesI ask a lot of questions, listen and don’t stop until I know what makes you unique.

Then I work with you through the creative process with the goal to translate your uniqueness into a stunning brand or web site that you feel truly reflect you and your business.

My work process

(and hopefully it would be our work process, but feel free to give me feedback on it – both before and after your project is finished.

From the initial contact the workflow look something like this. Hmm actually – it almost always looks like this…

  • As said – I ask questions, it’s somewhat my trademark. And it’s not because I want to be a pain in the butt.
    It’s because the more I know about you, your biz and where you want to be, look and want others to feel when meeting you the easier the road to something unique and awesome will be. Both for you and me.
    So we will start off by you answering my questionnaire.
    This will make up the core of the project or what some people would call a brief.
  • Next step can be scary – it’s the money part (but by now you know I already asked you about this).
    Based on your wishes, my input and the answers from the questionnaire I will give you a detailed quote.
    Notice the word detailed, we both need to know what goes in to the project.
    You want to know what you will get and I need to know what is expected.
  • Tweak time – we tweek things until it meets your needs and wallet and you feel safe with accepting both quote and terms in writing.
    And safe is the feeling I want you to have when it comes to money.
    I will never ever charged you for something without you knowing about it before the bill comes.
    And I will never ever start doing something without letting you know it is extra/not in quote/any kind of money exchange will be involved.

”The more I know about you and your biz and where you want to be, how you want to look and what you want others to feel when meeting you the easier the road to something unique and awesome will be.”

  • Yay! Take off and I get to start designing for you (at this stage I’m normally like a frog in a box).
    Here will also the first invoice according to the quote be on it’s way.
  • Time for letting you in on the work – presentation time.
    If we are far a part this will happen in a Skype meeting and you will have your project presented online.
    Feel free to jump up and down with joy when you fall in love with you or make funny faces because you just don’t feel it.
    And no worries – you don’t need to decide anything then and there. Take your time to take it in.
  • Next step – tweaking, adjusting until awesome. Second bill is sent according to quote.
  • Final step – finalizing, depending on your project this can be a quick (delivering your files) or a longer process (website development).
  • Finished, done, happy faces and last bill is sent.
  • Did you really think we where done?
    No you didn’t because now you know me and will be asking for the follow up questions. :-)


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