Why do you do what you do? | Part Two of Ignite your passion

Posted on jul 14, 2016 in Ignite your passion

Why do you do what you do?

Knowing why you do the things you do gives you the opportunity to get clear on if you do the things you love and are passionate about.

I tend to loose focus, get of track and slowly move further and further away from my passion. I start to do things aimlessly, trying to please everybody and nobody and it dilutes the joy. And we all know what happens when we struggle to find the joy in what we do.

If you’re anything like me, checking in with why you do what you do gives you the opportunity to shift back to what you love to do. If you are familiar with your why, you know what to focus on, what to prioritize and even what you can turn down.

And with that in the back of my head I get my authenticity, drive and joy back.

Get familiar with your why.

Grab your favourite writing paraphernalia and deep-dive into your why.

  • Why are you passionate about what you do?
  • What makes you enjoy your business? And why?
  • What are:
    the challenges
    the passion
    the inspiration
    that makes you and your business thrive?

Get specific.

Is there a special kind of problem you love to solve? A special client that puts a smile on your face all through your work day? A project that makes you forget about time and space?

Take a break before you go back and reflect. Are you doing what you love?


This is Part Two in my Ignite your passion series where you get your business aligned with your passion by creating your brand from the inside out.

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