Who do you love? | Part Five of Ignite your passion

Posted on jul 26, 2016 in Ignite your passion

Part Five of Ignite your passion

Being clear on who you want to serve makes your way to communicate clearer. To have a blueprint on who we love talking to makes work so much easier.

Things like creating blog posts, launching new services or products or striking up a real life conversations flows.

When I got specific on who I wanted to work with my business started to grow. I went from wanting to please everybody to having a very clear picture of who the person I would love to have a conversation with was.

And it’s perfectly fine if the only one you can come up with is your best friends mother and it’s also totally okay if the person is a guru you admire or the chief buyer on that ginormous chain store.

But don’t forget that it should be someone that you would love to serve and that makes your heart sing.

Describe your love.

Grab your favourite writing paraphernalia and start to describe the clients or customers that you enjoy working with and why. Or if you lack clients think about who you really want to work with.

  • What customer make your heart sing? Why?
  • Who are your most profitable customers?
  • How do clients find you?
  • What do they value about you?
  • Is there a group of clients or a specific client that you want to attract more of?
  • Think of someone that would benefit from your business.
  • And someone you really would love to work with.

Are there clients you don’t want to work with?
And yes – it’s totally okay to say no to clients. Or at least know who we prefer not to work with.


Is your list of loved ones long and without common factors? Go back and prioritize. Who do you really, really want to work with?


Is your answer “everybody”? Well it can be if you can invest gazillions or want to fail before you start. Trying to be relevant and interesting to everybody will dilute your message so get focused and try to reach the ones you really care about.


This is Part Five in my Ignite your passion series where you get your business aligned with your passion by creating your brand from the inside out.

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