To care and lift manuscripts of openhearted writers

Posted on jun 27, 2018 in Book design, Ignite

My wishes, wants and desires – sharing to create headspace for them to become true. Join me and share yours.
I’m committed to me. Showing up, step by step, continuing to share my dreams and desires because it matters to me.

To care and lift manuscripts of openhearted writers into books that reflects their unique voice. 

Books are the love of my life; to me they feel like precious friends. You know those kids that always have their nose in a book – I was one of them. Typography is in my genes as my father was a letterpress craftsman and worked when they really made books by hand.
If you are seeking a bespoke book design that reflects your voice; a visual representation of your idea and message that speaks to the curiosity and interests of your audience – I am here to transform your words into a book.
And I want you to know that I honor my clients manuscripts deeply; I believe the work of writers is modern day treasure.
Do you have a hidden gem inside of you? Are you afraid of contacting a book designer? Tell me your fears and hopes. You can do it completely private by schedule a chat with me. 

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