The Cleansing of Release | Guest post

Posted on Jun 10, 2016 in Guest post
Guest post by Isabelle Rizo
By Isabelle Rizo
For many years I’ve made myself small. I was ”cute,” and ”nice.” Never to cause rifts. Never hurt anyone’s feelings.

Except my own.

Many women do this. We stifle ourselves for our partners, for our work, in our careers, in our artwork.

In our life’s work.

Not allowing full self-expression due to conditioning. As we wash ourselves, just as in the Christian tradition there is the baptism. An every day shower turns into a spiritual release of the old.

A surrender into a new aligned self. As I take on the role of coach, mentor, and teacher I must not stifle myself. I must surrender to a deep inner truth that is found within all of us.

Connecting to that moment by moment creates the story of your life. Your life becomes your art inside, outside, and online.

The lines blur as full self expression becomes how you serve the world. Look at the people you look up to.

Do they care what others think? Do they stifle their voice? Do they need the approval of the masses?

No. They move the masses.

By being themselves.

I invite you to consciously craft your story. And I invite you to live it.

Online, offline, and inside.

Isabelle RizoIsabelle Rizo

Digital Nomad. International Speaker. Storytelling Artist.

Isabelle Rizo is a social media storytellerc and life coach for visionary women that want to share their message with the world online and offline.

She support women get seen through crafting compelling storytelling through the magic of technology and real space.

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