My book designs, covers and page design

If you are anything like me you have books as a passion. Isn’t fascinating what books can do? Entertain, educate or erase time and space with an intriguing story.

I love to deep dive into a lexicon on symbols or browse the pages of a sumptuous new coffee table book on interior design or get lost in the pages of an captivating new novel or get cultivated and elevated by the latest biz books.

But that isn’t enough. I also love the scent of a new book. Or a really old one.

Typography is another passion of mine. The shapes and forms of letters and the white space in between them. The almost handcrafted details that goes into making the reading experience flow. I’m happy I got book design and typesetting in my genes – my father was a letterpress craftsman and worked when they really made it by hand.

And of course – designing book covers and typesetting book pages are something I do with much love and passion.

You see some of my work here and maybe you are the person who brings me the opportunity to design a stunning book cover .

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