Needs, dreams, wishes and desires

Posted on jun 15, 2018 in Ignite

We’re moving towards a yearly high point.
In the Northern Hemisphere it’s Summer Solstice and the peak of energy.
In the Southern Hemisphere it’s Winter Solstice and opening of the dark gateway.

Both extreme points in the wheel of the year, light and dark, expression and contemplation, fully blooming and rest.

No matter where you are I invite you to join me and share your needs, dreams and desires. For me, this is new, unexplored territory, schooled, as many of us are, that our ideas, projects and plans will be stolen, copied or that somebody will do it faster or better if we share them.

I know that if I share my dreams, wishes and desires I have friends and supporters out there who wants to cheer me on, make my them come through and back me up in any way they can. If I keep my dreams in my head – I will kill them with too many thoughts. And if you let me hear your dreams I can refuel them and just the knowing that I can support you will make me energized.

I will share my wishes, wants and desires – starting on Monday. Join me if you want.

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