My picks | Stina Glaas

Posted on Apr 19, 2016 in My picks

My pick | Stina Glaas

It’s amazing when you connect with new people and find out how talented and creative they are. One of them is Stina Glaas that I had the pleasure of working with on my latest project for Anna Eriksson Skarin. Stina made the portrait that is shown on Anna’s new website. You can read the story behind the portrait on Stinas blog (in Swedish).

One of my core desired feelings for 2016 is expansion and when I realized that Stina made a pattern called Expansion I just had to stalk her Society6 shop.

Stinas gorgeous art is translated into useful home decor – just the kind I love – not easy to pick one favorite I want all the pillows to land in my sofa. But since I’m also a yogi I might just also go for a pair of  ”Do What Makes Your Heart Sing”-leggings.

Besides creating beautiful art Stina also crafts custom bracelets that tells a story.

Stina Glaas


Stina Glaas

Stina GlaasStina is a creator that believes everyone is creative and need to find ways to express their creativity.

Stina does it by painting, crafting, sewing, cooking, baking, gardening but also by thinking about what kind of life she wants and how to create it.

You can find her at Stina Glaas and Society6