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Posted on mar 7, 2016 in My picks

How to be a wildflower - A field guide - Katie Daisy

I’m in love with this book! Not just because it’s filled with stunning illustrations by Katie Daisy (who can not love them?) but because it makes me want to go outdoors, connect with nature and just explore!

Even though the book is centered around a landscape far from mine it brings out the wish to step outside and go for a nature adventure. This books is all about nature, the flowers, the trees, the butterflies and the wonders of discover it all. To see it and connect to it. To find the magic and the wonders that many of us felt as kids.

If you are living surrounded by high raises and asphalt – this is your book for creating breathing room and a bit of indoor exploration. Or just for everybody who longs for a bit of dreaming and fantasy.

And if my words doesn’t convince you – oh this magical trailer will!

How to be a Wildflower Book Trailer from Gabriel James on Vimeo.

You can find the book on Amazon, Chronicle Books, Book Depository and Adlibris and Bokus if you are in Sweden.


Katie Daisy

Katie Daisy was raised by the birds and warm breezes of small-town Lindenwood, Illinois, brought up among the other wildflowers with roots planted deeply in the natural world.

She found her voice and honed her skills at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, graduating in 2009 and subsequently beginning an adventurous career as a freelance illustrator. She sells high-quality prints through her website & Etsy shop, and has licensed her work for a wide-reaching variety of products. Working in watercolor and acrylic paint as well as mixed media materials, Katie strives to capture the magic and beauty of a life lived in harmony with nature.

Katie currently lives and works in a quiet cabin beneath the warm sun and old-growth pines of the Pacific Northwest, along with her husband, Eli, and baby, Finn. She carries the prairie with her, seeking to experience and reveal ever-more fully the wonders of the natural world, to savor the simple joys of life, and to help others do the same.

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