Inspiration from Dries van Noten

Posted on Maj 9, 2016 in Colors


Finding inspiration is part of my daily work and scouting the world wide web I got stuck in the world of fashion (hmm, I tend to do that from time to time) and I re-discovered the amazing world of designer Dries van Noten. Patterns on patterns, bold colors, bold combinations and everything just works perfectly together.

And fashion can be such a deep source of inspiration if you are looking for colors, shapes or patterns for your design projects. We often tend to be a bit afraid of going bold with colors and becomes a bit intimidated and often end up with a bland set of colors or patterns.

Dries van Notens is a master when it comes to patterns and colors and he is not intimidated at all – just look at his summer collection fro 2016 and let yourself be inspired. All photos from

No rules – just benefits

I know it can be confusing or hard to know where to start when you want to create a color scheme or graphics for a book cover, a new set of services and promotional materials.  it. So having a set of colors and graphics ready makes creating in everyday business life so much easier.

There are no rules around where you can find inspiration – just look for it. And when you find something you feel attracted to  – save it. Take a snap shot, a screen saver or save images. Make a Pinterest board, a folder on your computer or a note in Evernote. If you don’t have a photo editing programme there are a lot of tools that can extract colors from images – TinyEyes Lab is one. Just upload or link to the image you fallen in love.

Sources of inspiration for color palettes, shapes and patterns can be just about anything, my main sources are:

  • nature
  • fashion
  • architecture
  • flowers
  • magazines
  • art

And you are more than welcome to steal color inspiration from my Pinterest board dedicated to colors.

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