Stock images that doesn’t suck

Posted on Dec 7, 2015 in How to

There is no doubt about it – images creates emotions and emotions creates reactions and reactions creates actions. So if you want to get people engaged you need to use images.

Limited budgets, shortage of time and a lot of people on the same quest makes it hard to find unique images and to make your life a tiny little bit easier – here is my list of my top five places to find free (and I mean free as in free for real) images online.

If you still hunt images at Google – begin at the end of this post. You need to learn that you never ever steal images.


This is my to go to place for all kinds of beautiful photos. Landscapes, workplace, food, technology and that oh so useful category unidentified people.

  • 100% free to use.
  • No credits needed.
  • Searchable.

Photos from: Elijah HailRodion KutsaevDustin Scarpitti from Unsplash


Free ”people” is the best thing with Gratisography and unfortunately also a bad thing. Free images of people is hard to find (and that might need an explanation but lets just mention hiring models, publishing permissions and usage licenses for now) so on Gratisography you might stumble on some faces that you have seen ”all over the internet”. But then again, unique and amazing images are hard to find and with a little bit of tweaking you can make them your own.

Just go and check it out – there is a lot of good stuff there.

  • 100% free to use.
  • No credits needed.
  • Categorized (not searchable).

All photos by Ryan McGuire


It’s something special with the images on StockSnap, maybe it’s just me but I like them because everything isn’t perfect. They seem to have their eye on trends and a rich variety of people, objects and nature.

Photos: Annie SprattKrzysztof Puszczyński & Alex Holt from StockSnap

Death to Stock

If you don’t know of Death to The Stock Photo just join – it’s free :).

Every month you get a pack of awesomeness in your mailbox – for free.

The images are amazing and varies from landscapes, to object and a lot of good ones with unidentified people that creates yummy feelings.

I’m a premium member an have easy access to everything through their web.

100% free to use.
No credits needed.


Free Stock Photos

Yes, that’s their name, maybe not the most unique but a great resource with a collection of public domain images that are free to use.

  • 100% free to use.
  • No credits needed but appreciated.
  • Searchable.


And of course – there is Pixabay


A ginormous library with every kind of images and vector. And every kind of good, bad and everything in between. I get completely overwhelmed by Pixabay but I can’t deny they have a lot of images.

  • 100% free to use.
  • Check individual images to see if credits are needed.
  • Searchable.

You never ever ever steal an image!

And if you don’t know anything about image rights, copyright and licensing – start googling.

To make it short and sweet – you can not use images just because you find them on Google, Pintrest, Instagram or Facebook. And you need to know that there is a whole lot of of rules when using images for your biz (no matter how new and tiny it is).
Images are created by somebody and are almost always owned by somebody and you need to know about these things (or hire somebody who do).

Using an image without permission is stealing and comes with a high price. And these days you will not get away by saying ”Oops I didn’t know”.

Just don’t do it.

Good reads on the legal stuff:
Copyright (Wiki) //
Creative commons
GNU Free Documentation

And if you can’t stay away from Google – use their search tool Usage rights and Labeled for reuse – you find it in the top bar when doing an image search. Read more on how to find free-to-use images with Google.

So off you go!
Happy image hunting!