Deep Dive & Creative Direction

Posted on jul 5, 2018 in Creative direction, Ignite

My wishes, wants and desires – sharing to create headspace for them to become true. Join me and share yours.

To complete, to follow through, to stand by my own side and commit to express my dreams, wishes and desires has been both fun and exhausting. So, for now, this is my last wish. The next step is to dream up the ways to make them come true.

Deep Dive & Creative Direction

I love to be surprised, astonished and filled with joy by the unexpected design projects that comes to me.

I love when I can use my passion, intuition and design skills to visually translate and enhance a message so it effortlessly conveys a vision to the hearts of an audience.

When you come to me with a heartfelt need to communicate as the expert you are, you don’t need to know or be clear about the how. My role is to listen and intuitively discern what needs to be in focus and how to align that message to colours, images, typography and layout that reflects a perfect and harmonious match.

Think if an oracle deck or an astrology magazine or a herbal blend packaging project would come into my world – that would be both a surprise and fill me with joy.

What hidden gems do you have that you would love to bring into the world? Schedule a Discovery session and lets see if  we can work together to make them come alive.


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