Consistency. Uncreative or trust building?

Posted on feb 16, 2016 in Brand style
Brand consistency
How come you always seems to notice some of your favorites immediately in your Facebook feed?
Why do somebody seem to grab your attention easier on Instagram?
How come your eyes seems to find what your favorite pinner posts on Pinterest?

Could it be that they show up with one voice, one look and one feeling, over and over again?

Two of my favorite sources of inspiration are Danielle LaPorte and Leonie Dawson and I seem to notice everything they put out in the wide wide world.


Their online presence is completely different (you could almost say polar opposites) but they stay true to their brand style and use it as the foundation for all their communication.

Consistency by Danielle LaPorte

Danielle LaPorte is all about simplicity and a lot of handwriting, her signature is her logo, her truthbombs are handwritten. And a she is working the black and white.

Over and over and over again. And we notice it.

Consistency by Leonie Dawson

Leonie Dawson is about bold colors, drawings and lots of embellishments. She uses handwriting and watercolor backgrounds.

Over and over and over again. And we notice it.

Staying true to your brand voice.

And I bet they both get tired of it. And I bet they sometimes wish they just could shake things up, But the don’t. Why?

They know that staying true to your brand voice (your voice) creates trust and recognition.

And – they both probably have their brains, minds and souls deep into what’s coming next. The next things that makes us want to learn more, be more soulful and ultimately jump on to what they are offering (yes – businesses needs to make money!).

Are you working with your brands unique voice? Or do you ”go creative” every time you put something out to the world?

I know that it’s easy to get lost in creating beautiful, new images, memes & prompts for social media and marketing. And it’s fun, hey I actually made a career out of it, but is it your job, your main source of making mouhla?

Persistence is the key.

Creating a brand is a journey of persistence. You should check in with your brand definition – what is it that is uniquely you and how have you decided to show up in the world?

Have you drifted to far away from your brand style and guidelines? Are you sticking with the colors, shapes, graphic and fonts you once decided should be your voice?

If not then it’s time to revisit them and look at how you can start being consistent.

I can promise you that your audience is waiting for you to show up with one voice, one look and one feeling.

And when you stick to it consistently they will know it’s you – in a heart beat.

Online editors

Keep it simple

If you are just starting out I recommend you to start by creating a blog post or a Facebook post template that you stick to. And it doesn’t matter if you use Canva, PicMonkey or Word Swag – stick to one template!

Tip #1: One font.
Don’t let your message get lost by using an array of fonts.

Tip #2: Simple Background Images
Use one filter (go with the same to create consistency over time). Go for uncluttered images that add to your message.

Tip #3: Add your web address
Great graphics get shares and you want the source to be seen and create traffic.

Unsure of your brand style or in need some new life and vitality in yours?

This is my passion and I can help you with this.  Learn more about my brand style package and how I can serve you with one – The Essence of You  | Brand style package.

I can’t resist the opportunity to give you some background on the to women I talk about so here comes their offical bios.

Danielle LaPorte

daniellelaporteA speaker, a poet, a painter, and a former business strategist and Washington-DC think tank exec, she writes weekly at, where over four million visitors have gone for her straight-up advice — a site that’s been deemed “the best place online for kick-ass spirituality,” and was named one of the “Top 100 Websites for Women” by Forbes. Her charity of choice is Eve Ensler’s V-Day — a global movement to end violence against women and girls. Her favourite person is her 12 year old son.

Leonie Dawson

leonie-dawsonLeonie Dawson is a mentor to women wanting to create + grow massively successful and heart-centered creative + soulful businesses. She is also an author, retreat leader, visual artist, mama and guide for the tens of thousands who receive her free Amazing Biz + Amazing Life eZine each week.
Visit her website at & grab your free copy of the Biz & Blog Star Workbook!

Photo credits: Danielle LaPorte shot by Chatrine Just.
Online editor image from Canva, PicMonkey and WordSwag