Coming to life.

Posted on apr 11, 2017 in Book of Emotion, Getting sh*t done
I’m not a writer, not even a blogger. I am a designer, I’m good with other peoples ideas and words. But sometimes (maybe just a bit of and understatement there) I get an idea, and idea that keeps me awake and just won’t leave.

And one of those ideas was to create an emotional directory, a book about how it feels to feel, a book of emotions. And I did it. I created a website, I shared it on Facebook, I sent out the emails, I got people engaged and whoop whoop, three chapters are already released for the word to read.

And have I even mentioned it on my own website – right here where you are reading these words –  no. I haven’t.

I’ve been separating my work persona and my private persona for so long that it kept me from expressing myself from my heart on my own biz web. That might be about to change. And I’m starting small with sharing my heart project The Book of Emotions and making it easier for anybody who lands here, on my biz site, to find it.

If you are eager to learn more about The Book of Emotions – jump over to here.

The thing about sharing what I deeply care about, letting the emotions I feel flow between my work and private sphere and finding my voice in both areas is that it’s scary. But I’m going to go there anyway.

Letting you see more of me. Letting you hear my voice. Unedited. Free.

Next I might even let you know what seriously uplifting client projects i’ve been working on – just going to wrap my head around the words on the core of what I do best is, well beyond just designing.

Sending you light and energy. And anybody who struggling with being the perfect blogger or biz persona – unleash, go for ease.

If you want to know what I do – head over to Work with me, there is the official version of what I offer, my clients tend to call me a coach, therapist and the one who shines a light on the core of their biz.