Color talk | Yellow

Posted on feb 23, 2016 in Colors
Joy, hope, optimism – I long for yellow right now. For me it’s the color of Spring, the light returning and a season full of promise and primroses.

Yellow is enlightenment and creativity. It’s lemons, sunflowers, honey, mango and the color of mimosa, canaries and bees.

Yellow is a color that is loved or hated – almost never in between. Universally it’s a color of both happiness and warnings and it’s also a color favored by fast food chains.

yellow-spicyYellow comes in all shades, from the pale delicate Spring flowers to the scent filled colors of species like turmeric, curry and mustard.

It’s said that the human eye processes yellow first and that provides a good explanation to why yellow is the color of warning. Road signs, traffic lights and signs indicating caution and emergency rescue vehicles all have the color yellow in common.

It’s also the color connected to our third chakra, the Solar Plexus or Manipura chakra, that deals with our self-worth, self-esteem, confidence, personal power and freedom to choose.

yellow-sunflowerBranding with yellow

If your brand essence is about optimism, happiness and friendliness, yellow could be a good color to support your message.

Extrovert, self-confident and emotionally strong are also signals you send by using yellow.

Be aware of the fact that light shades of yellow can be hard to read so use it in patterns or on icons rather than in text and fonts.

How do you feel about yellow? Love it or hate it?

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