Carving out time for massive referrals to dominate your niche?

Posted on maj 9, 2017 in Ignite your passion
How does it make you feel when I say that I carved out some time for you? Does it feel like you are the center of my attention? That I look forward to meet you? For me it doesn’t sit well.

I get an inner image of somebody who have a very limited amount of time and jumps frenetically from one thing to another. And never really sits down and take in what’s going on.

Maybe you see something completely different or never even reflected on it, but for me, the words ”carve out time” started to bug me and that spilled over to all the newsletters, emails and offers and posts that shows up on a more or less daily basis.

The five day fix.

As an example – today this was the content of one of the newsletters that landed in my mailbox: ”How would it change your life to never have to worry about where the next client is coming from?” Not really a head-turning headline, but still a way to wake our inner worries and triggers and hit the link to see how we can become ”worry free”.

And in the continuation, words like: dominate, get tricks, bigger results, massive referrals, flawless formula, secret, effective, overcome, push, life changing, fast. And of course – a five day challenge with 104 ways to fix it.

I cringe.

I truly don’t believe that we all want to ”dominate our niche” or ”attract unlimited interest” or ”grow a huge social media following”. I believe, and surely hope, that there is something else within our core that makes us do what we do.

So why is the language we use so fear based? And how can we change it?

Love affairs.

My work is a passion. My business as well. And my clients – I want to have a love affair with them. I want them to feel as passionate about their business as I do for mine. I want them to be able to have time and space to take really good care of them self to  make their passion grow. To be able to dream, fantasize, feel, go deep, unleash, think with the heart, wonder and wander – every day and in every step of the journey of biz and life – that’s my wish for myself and my clients and friends.

How do we return to core of our passion? How do we speak about it in a way that reflects what we truly want? And how do we let things take more than five days to fix?

I don’t have the answer to that. But I truly, surely and profoundly think that we need to connect to our uniqueness and stay as far away from efficient formulas as we could. Building a network of supporting biz women, checking in with our passion and mission and letting our heart speak is a beginning.

And hopefully a diversity of voices in the business world will arise.

Over to you – have you found the voice of your business? And do you feel as home with it as your own, private voice? Do you have tools to check in with yourself and return to your core passion?

Let me know in the comments or over on Facebook.