visualidentity-03Your visual identity should communicate what you stand for, evoke the right emotions and associations whether you are a yogini, chocolatier, life coach, barrister or a virtual assistant. A visual identity is your way of showing your essence and communicate who you are.

I can’t even begin to explain the passion I have for this. For me every client is a exiting journey and I love the prospect and process of diving in to a new inspirational world – your world.

Cohesively and uniquely you.

I will digg deep into your business, learn about your expertise, your uniqueness, your products and services, your tone of voice and how you want to make people feel – to sum it up: the way you want the world to perceive you.

We are going to take everything we know about you & your biz and make a statement, a cohesive style that tells the world what you are about.

When I know your what’s, why’s, how’s, who’s and core values – I will pull everything into a visual identity that shows the essence of you  – clear, captivating and distinctly.

The Essence of You | The Visual Identity package.

A visual identity that creates recognition in all places everywhere is what you need  and with my package you will get everything you need to show up cohesively and uniquely you.

With a well-designed visual identity guide in place there is no need to constantly adjust your logotype, graphics, color palette or type selection. The visual identity guide makes showing up in the world easy so you can focus on your passion. It’s your blueprint in all marketing and your way to be sure you show your uniqueness cohesively.

The visual identity package includes:

  • A logotype
  • Secondary Logo & Sub Mark
  • Color Palette
  • Typography
  • Graphics
  • Texture or Patterns

Your choice of four collateral items:

  • stationery package: business cards, letterhead, thank you cards, newsletter
  • social media headers
  • blog graphics
  • service packaging
  • sticker & stamp designs
  • apparel design
  • signs

And of course

  • A Style Guide –  so you can continue to work with a consistent brand voice.
  • Web and Print-Ready Logo Files in color & black and white


Investment starts at $3,300

ChatCurious to know more?

Let’s start with a discovery call on Skype to discuss where you’re at with your brand, what you would love to happen and when. You can ask me any questions you have and get an introduction to how the work flows.

Jump over to my scheduler and pick a time that suits you.

If you are into processes scroll down and you will find an overview on how I do things.

Undivided attention

When you book a design project with me I will ask you to do do some focused work ahead of the project start. Your homework is the foundation of my work to bring out the essence of your brand. Everything I need to know will be laid out in a workbook – so no worries – I will guide you through the process.



Yupp, that’s 75 percent of a visual identity. Just think of a brand that you like. Think about how they look.

Can you see a consistent thread in their ads, on their products, in how they appear on Facebook and Twitter, the look and feel of their main site continuing on to business cards, letterheads and even the colors of their shoe strings (just kidding),

That’s what consistency creates. Recognition in all places everywhere.

A good brand is recognized in an instant, often just by a shape and a color. Think about an apple – what comes up? Or an something green and round or a yellow arc?

And that’s how you are going to do it as well.


Because you want to have one message, one voice, one look. You want to create recognition & trust!

The workflow


Booking & Startup

In our start-up chat, we’ll go through your project, timeline and pricing so that we make sure we are on the same page.

Once we’ve agreed to work together, details are finalized and I will send you a no fuss proposal with all details.

You sign the proposal and pay the deposit and we can get started.

Consult chat


To do create great work I need to pick your brain and get an idea of your taste, expectations and some in-depth knowledge of your brand.

You’ll receive a workbook that will help me to bring out the essence of your brand. Your homework is the foundation of my work and plays an important role in the final result.



I will ask you to put together visual inspirations on a private Pinterest board.

Fill the board with colors, imagery, patterns and typography that you feel works with your ideal brand aesthetic.

I want to see what you’re naturally drawn to.

Vision board

Vision board

I create a vision board by pulling together a balanced mix of aesthetics based on our chats, the workbook and your visual inspirations.

The vision board represent the tone and theme of your new brand.

Once this is approved by you, we take the next step in the design process.


Logo creation

With the strategy and vision board in hand I will spend time sketching, developing ideas and transform three options into logo designs that will be presented and discussed with you.

You provide honest, detailed feedback and revision requests, max 3 rounds, until we have a finalized logo that truly reflects you.

Brand Style Guide

Brand Style Guide

With the logo set I will create an alternate logo and submarks.

The key elements for your brand style guide will also come alive, the color palette, typography, texture, patterns and graphics will.

Collateral items

Collateral items

Time to create the items of your choice, like business cards, Facebook or Twitter headers.

After tweaks and adjustments I will provide you with the necessary files for printing or digital distribution.


Ready to launch

I’ll deliver your brand package with all elements we agreed upon when all items are signed off and you’re loving your new brand style and your final payment has been made.

You now have everything you need to release your new look to the world!

Investment: $3.300

Ready to book?

Let’s start with a discovery call on Skype to discuss where you’re at with your brand, what you would love to happen and when. You can ask me any questions you have and get an introduction to how the work flows.

Jump over to my scheduler and pick a time that suits you.