Aiming for done instead of perfect

Posted on Dec 3, 2014 in Getting sh*t done

Ok, I’ve spent hours, maybe even days or weeks trying to put together the ”right” things for my own website.

That should be easy piecy for me you might think. Hey after all I’m a graphic designer and a web designer. I should have this done in no time – shouldn’t I?
But no – it has taken me ages just to get one page in place.

So why is this?

And maybe you recognize this – I’m striving for perfect, I want everything to be just ”right”. I want to have the ultimate ”work-with-me”-page. The most enticing sales pages and of course the most intriguing ”about me”-page you ever have read and seen.

So what happens? Nothing. Zero. Nada.

Instead the perpetual researcher is in full blown happy mode trying to find others who got a grip and who have everything in place.

And there are a lot of web pages out there to read in the infamous world of the world wide web. And – you might have guessed – none of them are perfect – for me.

So it’s time I get back to my passion, my longing to be of service for others and just get my thing out there. It will never be perfect and in fact it will never get completely done either after all that is the beauty with web sites – you can always update.

But what it will be is something for someone.

If I don’t show myself and what I have to offer – one thing is certain, nobody will ever find me.

Now at least one person have :) – you just read this and hopefully it gave you some thoughts or a tiny butt-kick to get started and to actually do something.