You know those kids that always have their nose in a book – I was one of them. I also had a best friend that was imaginary and I created worlds & landscapes to disappear to on a regular basis.

And I still do – only in a more sophisticated, professional way. Because that is what I do for a living now.

Each person that comes to me with a design project,  a book, a brand or a web site, opens up a world that I step in to. I’m allowed to explore, and sometimes get lost, in their world of expertise and knowledge. And I get excited every time.

I’m passionate about learning new things and I’m curious about the whys, whats and hows of people, crafts and things. I’ve always been the one who asks questions and eagerly listens to the answers.

I truly believe everybody is unique, has a story to tell and gifts to give. Believing in your uniqueness is important, it makes us strong and confident.


My uniqueness is that I’m creative, analytic and organized (woopa, woopa). And I’m fortunate to be able to combine my passions and beliefs in my work creating design solutions for soulful small businesses.

Typography is another of my passions, the shapes and forms of letters and the white space in between, written text and the way a new book smells.

Books and magazines that are beautifully crafted with every angle of graphic design in mind gives me goosebumps.

Typography is in my genes as my father used to be a letterpress craftsman and worked when they really made it by hand.

My longing in life is to be devoted to living – not just be alive. With that comes doing things wholeheartedly. And fully. And truly.

When it comes to your brand and biz I might turn into a frog in a box – eager to getting freaking on the road already.

But it is also important that you as my clients know that I don’t create something out of nothing and that you are prepared to do some hard thinking and focused work to get a clear vision on your biz and how you serve your audience. I will push and pull until there is a stable foundation to grow on.

On a more private note nothing makes me happier than a sunny day, a great song and laughing out loud. I love colorful people, places and things, deep and spiritual conversations and time to let them flow uninterruptedly. Quiet time, nature, friends who get me and yoga are also really important to me.

What about you? What is important to you?



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