A forum for Soulful foundations for being in business

Posted on jun 28, 2018 in Brand style, Ignite


My wishes, wants and desires – sharing to create headspace for them to become true. Join me and share yours.

I’ve killed this idea more times than I can count, not because it’s a bad idea, but because I start to over-think and bombard it with million of thoughts. But here it is, and I will make every move possible to make this happen.

A forum for Soulful foundations for being in business

Empowerment for every soulful woman being in business is important to me and my gift is visual communication. Branding, identity design, graphic profiles, logotypes, typography, color schemes or visual identities are parts of what I do. But that is only a small part of your ”brand”.

For me it’s crucial to have knowledge of the why’s around being in business. Not so much for ”carving out a niche”, ”stand out from competition” or ”showing off strengths” but for having a solid foundation to return to when I need to re-fuel and find my way back to my passion.

I call it my personal honor codes. Somebody else might call it core values.

So why am I explaining all this – because knowing this creates the foundations of your ”branding”, your unique voice when being in business.

My dream is to open up a forum where I guide you towards finding your foundation and how to transfer that into your ”brand”. I want it to be practical, a space for Q&A:s, but also soulful, joyful and deep diving. My wish is that it should be a space open for all questions around and about branding, visual communication and how to work with a designer.

You will not need to know anything. You can be years and years into your business or you can just be starting. A wish to deepen the connection with why you are in business is needed, as well as openness, honesty and curiosity.

And all this lights a fire in me – and I’m going to make it happen.

What thoughts does this idea awaken in you? How do you feel when reading about it. Let me know.


What’s up with the quotation marks around ”branding”?

Branding is a word I’m not fully comfortable with. The word originates from making permanent marks to indicate ownership. It sounds like a word that belongs to an other kind of world where humans needed to claim ownership over humans and nature to do business. But until another word arises, it’s the word most people use.

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