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Big release | Book cover design Big release | Book cover design

The cover of your book should make your audience curious and so intrigued that they feel that your message is something they can’t miss out on. Learn more…

The essence of you | Brand styling The essence of you | Brand styling

A brand style is your way of showing your essence and communicate who you are. It’s you having a cohesive look that is clear, captivating and distinctly you.
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Brand alignment Brand alignment

A strong web brand style makes your online presence a powerful tool to communicate your uniqueness and turn random visitors into loyal customersLearn more…

The blog

11 Apr 2017

Coming to life.

Coming to life.

I’m not a writer, not even a blogger. I am a designer, I’m good with other peoples ideas and words. But sometimes (maybe just a bit of and understatement there) I get an idea, and idea that keeps me awake and just won’t leave.

28 Jul 2016

How do you wow? | Part Six of Ignite your passion

How do you wow? | Part Six of Ignite your passion

Part Six of Ignite your passion seeks the answer to how do you wow? Give yourself permission to look pass the facts of running a business. Forget numbers, cash flow, sales funnels and market plans for a while and tune in to the heart and soul of your business.

about-900x900I specialize in design solutions for soulful small businesses that are done with DIY and have a clear vision for their biz and how to serve their audience.
You are ready to do some focused work, can make and act on every decision and give honest answers and feedback.
I’m here to help you show your uniqueness so you can move on and focus on what matters: your life, your business and your customers.